About us

We are a team of international lighting designers based in Berlin. 

We come from a variety of different backgrounds ranging from architecture to product design and share a passion for lighting.

Our knowledge of light, and experience of lighting, helps us create a seamless blend between design narrative and architectural form. We aim to positively contribute to the experience of spaces and lighting, with a purpose of making them memorable.

Our goal is a meaningful application of light that enriches the way architecture is seen, felt and experienced by people. 

Welcome to In’Sight!


In’Sight believes that lighting is a vital element of exceptional design and can inspire us to truly see, feel, and experience architecture, design, and the world around us.

Lighting design is about fostering moments through the creative application of light. It is about creating designs that are functional yet beautiful through a play light and shadow.
We believe that inspiring lighting design is developed through a deep understanding of light, human nature, culture and a sense of the built environment coupled with up-to-date knowledge of the latest lighting technologies, codes and sustainable best practices.

In’Sight Lighting Design is independent of manufacturers. We work in the best interest of our projects. Our design choices and recommendations are unbiased and solely guided by our purpose to achieve ‘lighting excellence’, and a belief that design and quality come first. We aim to provide our clients with responsible, energy and cost-effective lighting designs that consider future maintenance and running costs, whilst being easy to operate.