Happy New Year! It’s 2022. Covid is still around and although we are all more acquainted with the Greek alphabet, vaccines and better care have

Lost In Translation | Lighting Review

2020 was a strange year. Together we took part in what will eventually be seen as the world’s largest psychological experiment: Lockdown.

Artificial intelligence, Creativity & Architecture

  "Spooner (the human detective interrogates the artificially intelligent robot): Human beings have dreams. Even dogs have dreams, but not you.

Poetics of Lighting Design

In my personal quest to understand the poetic nature of lighting design, I find myself concerned with matters I feel are important to creativity as

Suspension of disbelief

Some time ago, colleagues of mine brought to my attention an old theatrical concept: Suspension of Disbelief. The team was using the concept to help

Cultures & Light

Yesterday evening, I returned from a fantastic holiday in Israel and, like many other lighting designers, I now find myself rushing off to Frankfurt

SKALAR Reflections

“SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception… SKALAR reflects on the

Candlelight? Perfect!

What do you say when a client asks you to design the lighting for their project using candlelight as the main light source? The only answer possible

The Feuerle Collection

It’s been a busy month so I was glad when the opportunity came to visit the new museum by John Pawson in Berlin. The Feuerle Collection is a

Choreography, Asymmetry & Syncopation

A few years ago, around 2014, a little after moving to Shanghai, the idea of a lit Choreographed Experience came to me. The concept came into

Dutch Embassy – OMA Architects

The Embassy of the Nederland’s in Berlin is a project designed to fit between the fine lines of public transparency and government confidentiality.

Industrial Design in the GDR (Product Design)

This morning, before heading into the office, I decided to stop by the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. I pass by it every day on the M10 but I don’t