Dutch Embassy – OMA Architects

The Embassy of the Nederland’s in Berlin is a project designed to fit between the fine lines of public transparency and government confidentiality.

Industrial Design in the GDR (Product Design)

This morning, before heading into the office, I decided to stop by the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. I pass by it every day on the M10 but I don’t

Iranian Lighting World

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Iran. My stay lasted about 4 days and caused quite an impression on me. Western media has had significant

Christmas, Happiness and Architecture

For many, Christmas is a period of joy and happiness! It is a time when family and friends gather at the Christmas tree to offer and receive gifts,

James Turrell | Dorotheenstadt Chapel

James Turrell has long been a key inspiration for lighting designers. His light and color sensory experiences are well known and have opened a

Place, Space and Design Book Club Berlin | In Praise of Shadows

There’s an interesting book club in Berlin that focuses on art, design and architecture. The book club is fairly recent and the members are from

Taking on Social Media!

A while ago I decided to ditch all social media. The boycott 1st started when I reached a million (ok… not quite a million but easily a thousand or