Taking on Social Media!

A while ago I decided to ditch all social media. The boycott 1st started when I reached a million (ok… not quite a million but easily a thousand or so) absolutely pointless Linkedin requests which always led to a cordial but equally unimportant sales pitch.
But that was just the 1st straw. As the number of FB cat posts increased (or whatever other fluffy animal was in vogue at the time. It may have actually been an alpaca video that tipped me over), my interest in posting decreased since I no longer saw a point in posting content. It seemed to me to just get lost in a sea of bullshit.
But now the boycott is over, we’re back on social media! After this period of hibernation, I’m reinvigorated and ready to reshape the lighting blog landscape one post at a time.
I’m deeply fascinated with Light and want to look at the world through this lens. I want to understand this intangible material and how it connects us to the world through sight.
I’ll be sharing thoughts, photos and opinion pieces. On occasion, I’ll post serious lighting theoretical debate and other times, I’ll just give you a bit of banter because that’s how I am.
It starts today so sit back and enjoy the ride!